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Printed Circuit Board Level Electronic Repair


reconditioned printed circuit boards

Accurate Biomed offers printed circuit board repair for Respiratory Electronic Equipment

We can repair or rebuild printed circuit boards and offer a significant cost savings over new pc boards

Our service and repair facility now has the ability to repair printed circuit boards on a variety of respiratory equipment. You can now send us boards from cpaps, bipaps, oxygen concentrators and other equipment for repair or rebuild at a reduced cost over new replacement parts.
Unlike many third party service providers, Accurate Biomed Services offers you board-level repair on all respiratory equipment. As opposed to full replacement of your board, our experts can identify the problem, then offer an economical repair solution. We have a wide range of test beds to assist us in diagnosing your board’s problem. With an average three- to five- day turnaround time, repairing your equipments board won’t keep your equipment down for long.
All of the printed circuit boards we repair are thoroughly inspected and tested to assure factory or better results. Our technical staff has years of experience on these types of products.
We can offer the following services:

Invacare printed circuit board repair

Puritan Benett printed circuit board repair

Respironics printed circuit board repair

Airsep printed circuit board repair

Cpap printed circuit board repair

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

If you are have a particular piece of equipment in need of circuit board repair please contact us and let us know your requirements.







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