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Reconditioned Respiratory Products


Rebuilt repiratory equipment

Refurbished Respiratory Equipment

Accurate Biomed Services Inc. occasionally offers for resale used home health care equipment that we have purchased and refurbished to meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications. This respiratory equipment is available at reduced cost over new. Please feel free to look around and ask any questions or offer any comments you may feel are appropriate.

Rebuilt Oxygen Concentrators

Our refurbished oxygen concentrators are of the highest quality we know of in the used oxygen concentrator market and we have several different manufacturers and models in stock. While some companies buy used oxygen concentrators and just performs a "clean and check" putting them out on the market with little regard for the life expectancy of the unit, Accurate Biomed rebuilds the compressor, all valves, and re-pours the sieve canisters with virgin sieve material assuring you that all of our refurbished oxygen concentrators will meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications. There is a one year bumper to bumper warranty on these concentrators.


Rebuilt CPAP machines

Reconditioned cpap machines offer a substantial savings over new. We are able to refurbish these cpaps back to or exceeding manufacturer's specifications.


Portable Ventilators

If you have need of portable ventilators we have several in stock. Our portable ventilators are re certified and / or rebuilt to manufacturers specifications.


Reconditioned Liquid Oxygen Systems

We have had several requests to provide rebuilt liquid oxygen systems for our customers, We have completely rebuilt liquid oxygen reservoirs and portables.


Miscellaneous Reconditioned Equipment


Here you will find an inventory of completely rebuilt respiratory and biomedical equipment that doesn't fit into a generic category, or is available in small quantities.


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