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Accurate Biomed specializes in CPAP Repair

Accurate Biomed's state of the art repair facility insures operational integrity of your cpap devices
In keeping with our dedication to the home medical equipment industry we offer cpap repair services that are unlike any other in the nation. All cpaps we repair are put through a thorough testing regimen which includes all pressure checks and ramping abilities. This testing utilizes equipment that analyzes real time performance of the unit and alerts our technical staff to any problems over an extended time line. By testing in this fashion we eliminate the possibility of intermittent failure and increase the reliability of the repair.
Our electronics department then checks the integrity of all printed circuit boards using a proprietary testing station developed in house by Accurate Biomed Services. This testing assures the finished product will meet or exceed manufacturer specifications, and deliver reliable service for years to come.
All cpaps are repaired by our technicians to the same exacting standards used by the original manufacturer, our repaired cpap devices deliver quiet operation and steady output. We test every cpap on our in house pressure testing equipment calibrated to NIST standards. After we conclude that the cpap is ready for patient use we will warranty that repair for a period of one year regardless of the cause of failure should one occur.


If you are an individual needing service of your cpap, please contact us and we will gladly make arrangements to have your cpap serviced.

"I just now got my c-pap machine back.  The UPS guys just now left.  Thanks so much!  I've still got a few hours till bedtime, but I'm anxious to hurry up and go to bed, now!  Now, I don't have to wonder if I'm going to sleep all night and wake up, or totally stop breathing in my sleep and not wake up at all!  With my c-pap, I know I will have a wonderful, sound sleep...and wake up refreshed!!  YEA!!!

Thanks, again!

Cindy H :)"







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