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Accurate Biomed specializes in Oxygen Concentrator Repair

Oxygen concentrator service that meets or exceeds original manufacturer's specifications!


Oxygen Concentrator repair certificationsWhen Accurate Biomed repairs a portable oxygen generator, you can be assured that every aspect of that repair is being done by a specialist. We train our technicians to to do very specific tasks that culminate in an oxygen concentrator that will produce oxygen at levels equal to or beyond its manufacturer's specifications.


Utilizing a proprietary product flow throughout our facilities, your oxygen concentrator is serviced through several stages in which each individual component is checked to insure operational integrity before final oxygen output levels are checked and the machine is released for shipping. This allows us to effectively monitor the concentrator at various stages in our production cycle. Our staff's capabilities include the repair of Invacare, Respironics, Devilbiss, Airsep, Chad Therapeutics, Puritan Bennett, Oxlife, Sequel, and virtually all other manfacturers as well as rebuilt concentrators.

Another advantage of our system is that it allows us to turn your oxygen concentrator around and get it back to you within one week. We maintain and staff three locations in the Midwest and Southeast to assure that we can make this turn around on a consistent basis. With five manufacturer warranty contracts we know of no other companies that services the volume of oxygen concentrators that Accurate Biomed repairs in the geographic area that Accurate Biomed covers and are able to make that commitment.

Accurate Biomed does not repair your oxygen concentrator and stick a 90 day warranty on it like many companies. Any company can make an oxygen concentrator run for 90 days utilizing used or sub standard parts. On out of warranty oxygen concentrators, we offer a full one year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and material. This warranty alone assures you of the quality of our replacement parts and workmanship. Accurate Biomed Services gives you a warranty that makes sense, is reasonable, and from a company that is large enough to back that warranty up.

With over 20,000 square feet of production facilities, Accurate Biomed Services has the staff and expertise to service any size customer. From national chains to one location HME companies we are able to service all of your inventory from one location. This means, one vendor, one invoice, one less concern with Accurate Biomed managing your assets.

You will find our pricing to be extremely competitive. We offer our customers the opportunity to design a maintenance and service program to fit their budget and expectations. When you consider that Accurate Biomed offers a one week turn around, one year warranty, and prices this service at or below other service and repair companies, it becomes clear that Accurate Biomed is the premier respiratory equipment repair company in the country.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide any information or answer any questions you may have concerning oxygen concentrator repair. Please use the Contact Us page of this site or simply call the toll free number shown on the left of all of our pages to get in touch with us so we may discuss your requirements and give you our recommendations based on your company's needs.



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